About us

Poul Horn started his own production of windows and doors in Denmark in 1977. From the beginning, quality and design has been the primary focus, especially for the timber and the way sawmills produce it for the windows and doors has been important for him. The durability can be 3-4 times longer for the timber if it is sawn and used correctly.

Design has also been another major area of focus, especially if the windows are to be used in old buildings where profiles, fittings etc. need to be a replica of the old windows.

With increasing energy prices, and to avoid Global Warming, the focus has changed a bit. Now, more than ever, it is more important to produce long lasting windows and doors with minimal heat loss. Dane Windows now supply windows and doors with a very low U-value, thermal transmittance, while still producing a high quality product.

Poul is currently working together with his family to make some changes in the company (Dane Windows).
In the future, Poul, him self will shift his focus from administrative tasks to the development on the Airflow Wall. This new idea will decrease heat loss and will use the heat from the sun to achieve the best indoor climate.


Dane Windows strives to supply the best products for a fair price and are capable to produce custom designs for its customers using  precise machines that are manually controlled.

Dane Windows pledges to do the best to supply high quality products with the lowest Co2 emission to our customers.