Coupled Windows

Coupled windows and doors are designed to look like a copy of old single glazed windows.

Two sashed are coupled together with hinges and special lock system

On the outside, in the outside sash, the single glass is installed and sealed with putty like old windows

On the inside, in the inside sash, a double pane is installed

Between the sashes, there is a gasket to avoid most of the insects to enter, but still so open that air can pass.

The single glass on the outside may be Float glass or historical glass with flicker.

Normally, coupled windows open to the outside like typical Scandinavian windows

Coupled doors may open to the outside or to the inside

Coupled doors are locked with an espagnolette, only with a handle on the inside.

Coupled windows are locked with special hooks in brass, white painted or in silver look. 

The timber for coupled windows and doors may be Swedish Pine or Siberian Learche

Coupled windows and doors may be supplied in painted on the outside. On the inside the surface can be painted, oiled or stained