Tilt & TurnWindows

Tilt And Turn windows from Dane Windows can be supplied in Timber construction. Normally the windows and doors are sided on the outside with alu-profiles

To achieve the best insulation value of the windows, the triple panes may be as good as R-11.4 h.ft2.F/Btu

As Tilt and Turn windows open to the inside, they are ready for installation of insect nets, (screens) which Dane Windows also can supply.

The timber is as standard Swedish Finger jointed Pine, but other species like Siberian Larch and Oak is possible.

The Alu-siding may be supplied in all RAL and NCS colors as powder coated.

The timber may from the factory be oiled, stained or painted in all RAL and NCS colors.

Fittings for the Tilt and Turn windows and doors are from GUTMANN In Germany

There is a gap between the alu and the timber to improve the insulation value and to avoid the condensation on the alu to damage the timber